Posted by: Brian | 03/23/2011


Hi Claire,

I’ve decided I will organize any topics I cover into “envelopes” that will be a collection of notes related to that topic. The first envelope will be the Dream Envelope. There are many topics I want to cover here, but it is probably best to start with a recap of what I have talked to you about. This will also serve as a general overview as to what I’ll cover.

We started off talking about your frequent nightmares. The first step to controlling these nightmares is recognizing when you are in a dream. There are many reality checks that you can perform and I told you a few of them.

You said that you normally know when you are in a dream without checking (lucky you!). The reality checks can still be useful, especially for those pesky false awakenings (when you think you woke up, but are still in the dream). Unfortunately, for most people just recognizing you are dreaming won’t give you control over it. I haven’t had too many problems with dream control, but I can tell you difficulties I have had and practices I know of to improve dream control.

One of the most important things to recognize about a dream is that you are its creator. Your rules are law. If you say you can’t fly, can’t defeat that monster, or can’t transform that pillow into a dog…then I am quite confident you cannot. This can cause a bit of a problem when you perform a reality check (your rules can cause a false confirmation that you are awake). More importantly, if you believe you can, you can. It may seem a bit silly, but we are talking about something taking place in a world of your creating…it only makes sense that you can set the laws.

Finally, we talked a bit more in general about mental relaxation and control. Specifically we talked about how to properly extinguish thoughts by first accepting them then letting them go. Pushing away a thought will only make it come back all the stronger. Thoughts tend to have a message for you and wants nothing more than to be heard. You need to give  your thoughts the attention they deserve, but don’t spoil them.

To give you a full coverage, I will cover the following notes: Mental Structure, Mental Relaxation and Control, Dream State Recognition, and Dream State Control. I hope this helps!

Love, Brian


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